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Friday, April 18, 2014

To enrich their lives

We all want to provide opportunities that enrich our children's lives.  For most people, that brings to mind trips to Europe and other exotic places, expensive lessons and organized experiences, and the best schools that money can buy.  What if your economic situation doesn't allow for such expenses? Are your children doomed to mediocrity?  Of course not!

To enrich means to make something better or to improve or enhance the quality of something.  With that definition in mind, every family is capable of providing enriching activities for their children.  You don't even need to leave your community to find quality activities and experiences to enrich and improve your family. 

With that mindset, you can see the value of everyday experiences.  Learning new skills will definitely enrich your child's life.  Even things like cooking, sewing, housework, home and yard maintenance, car maintenance, money management, and other mundane skills are vital for your children to know in order to be productive, self-sufficient adults.  Does that fit the definition of enrich?  I think so.

Gardening is a wonderful activity for children
How about researching free or inexpensive locations to visit and explore that are within 2 hours of your home?  Enriching?  Absolutely!  I've lived an hour from Seattle, WA for 15 years and had never explored some of the famous sites of Seattle.  What adventures I've missed!  It's so ingrained in us that to have fun we have to travel a great distance or spend great amounts of money.  It just isn't true.

A ferry trip in Seattle
Hiking and exploring
And what about using the resources available to you to provide good music in your home and develop new hobbies?  The computer is useful for more than just games and social media  :)  Try using it instead to teach your children how to learn a new skill or hobby.  Fill your home with different types of music.  Introduce your children to the great composers.

Watching an artist at work
Exploring new hobbies
The warm summer months are approaching and with that comes summer vacation for your children.  Maybe you could start now, brainstorming with your kids to plan experiences near home (and AT home) that will enrich their lives.  There is so much literally in your own backyard to discover.  You don't need a vacation to an exotic place to enrich and expand your life and the lives of your children.  What adventures will YOUR family have?

Let's go fly a kite!


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