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Friday, August 8, 2014

Do you agree?

Believe me, my husband and I have our share of disagreements.  Being two distinctly unique individuals, it's normal to have differing opinions.  Either those differences in opinion end in resolution or an impasse.  We are still dealing with a few of those impasses.  :)

The one area where you and your husband need to see eye-to-eye, is in the area of child rearing.  Children seem to know instinctively when their parents disagree and can and will use that knowledge to come between you and get their way.  You might have to compromise, but remember, a united front is crucial in keeping peace in the family.

Do you and your husband agree on the following -
1. Discipline.  What kind of discipline is appropriate?  Who will be the primary disciplinarian?  
2. Education.  How will they be educated?  How early?
3. Electronics.  How much TV and/or electronic devices is appropriate?  What kind?  When can they   be used? 
4. Religion.  Is religion going to be a focus in your family?  How?
5. Dating.  It isn't too early to approach this topic.  When is dating appropriate?  What are the rules?
6. Modesty.  Do you have boundaries for dress? What are they? 

If you don't agree, you might want to have some pretty serious conversations with your spouse to discuss these issues.  When the need is immediate, it's too late.  Yes, children push boundaries all the time to see if those boundaries are actually there.  Are they? 


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