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Friday, September 20, 2013

What stage is hardest?

Enjoy the moment!
I've recently come to the conclusion that the hardest phase of motherhood is the one you're currently going through right now.  It doesn't matter if you're struggling with a new baby, a toddler, a school age child, teenager or older, the challenges you are facing now are in a new and unfamiliar territory.  After having "graduated" from one developmental stage into the next, you can look back and see the things you've learned from the perspective of hindsight.  Too bad hindsight can only be achieved after the experience.

Just because something is "hard" doesn't mean it can't be a positive experience.  Sure, learning how to live with a baby is "hard" but is also filled with such joy and wonder that the hard stuff can be tolerated.  Baby's first smile, the milestones of sitting by herself, crawling, walking, interacting with you...all these are precious memories that make the poopy diapers, spitting up, throwing up, crying through the night etc, all pale in comparison.

So, don't listen to people who tell you to "just wait till they're ...".  That time will come soon enough and you'll be ready for it because you've passed through the previous stages just fine.  You'll have new challenges but with those challenges will come increased growth and knowledge for you and a stronger bond of love for your child.   There is no doubt that the experiences you are going through right now are hard but don't let that stop you from seeing and enjoying the good things that your child is doing or recognizing the growth you are developing. 


  1. Nothing could be hard looking at that sweet face!

  2. Nothing could be hard looking at that sweet face .. Cute !!