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Friday, March 7, 2014

Parents parenting practically (I love alliteration!)

She may be small but she won't stay that way for long!
Yesterday I wrote about being a passive or active parent.  It's pretty obvious that being actively engaged in your role as parent is vital to your child's well-being.  The fact of the matter is that you aren't just co-existing or hanging out with your children, you are training future adults.  Your job is to prepare your children to be well-adjusted, contributing adult members of society.  It may seem like the time when your children are grown is far in the future but believe me, it comes sooner than you think!

Knowing that, how are you actively and practically teaching and training your children?  As I said in an earlier post, a goal without a plan is just a wish.  Well, a plan without an implementation is still just a wish too.  You can plan and study and research all you want but until you start putting into practice your ideas and goals, nothing is going to change.

Do you have a routine and schedule in place and do you follow it?
Do you have set boundaries and enforce them?
Are you working on your own weaknesses?
Are you setting a good example?
Are you consistent?

Start with the basics and then build on that.  The younger your kids are, the easier it is to set rules and enforce them.  Patience and consistency are the keys to success, whatever age kids you have.

Our children have such potential.  Help them.  Encourage them.  Direct them towards good activities.  Your influence will never be greater than it is today.


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