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Monday, July 28, 2014

Difficult Decisions

Recently one of my daughters was presented with an amazing job opportunity that would require her to relocate several hundred miles away.  She and her husband carefully considered the options, prayed about it and both came to the conclusion that the job offer should be accepted.  They both felt good about the decision and all was well until the time of the move.  Then the doubts started creeping in.  It's so far away.  Did we make the right decision?  Am I going to like the job?  What if I DON'T like the job?  What have we done?!

Good bye beautiful Pacific Northwest!  It's going to be ok!
During a tearful phone call, I reminded her that both she and her husband felt that they were making the right decision and said that even though a decision is right doesn't mean that there won't be obstacles to face, difficulties to overcome and challenges to conquer.  So it is with all aspects of our life.

Sometimes we think that doing the right thing is going to be easy.  Not so.  Often the right way is the hard way.  Unfortunately, when things get hard, the temptation is to get discouraged, anxious or give up.  If only we exercised a little more faith, we'd see the rewards of our effort.  Most difficult choices (whatever they might be) result in personal growth and eventually, an affirmation that we chose well.  It just might take a little time to see past the initial fear of the unknown.

 When times get hard, don't lose sight of the reason you made your decision.  Don't let your emotions get in the way of an opportunity to gain new experiences and develop greater strength of character.  A decision carefully (and prayerfully) made will turn out ok.  Don't give up!