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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Memories not things

How close can she get?  Pretty close!
I have a friend who does the most awesome things with her children.  Without spending a lot of money, she takes them hiking, bike riding and kayaking, explores the community with them, encourages their participation in various activities, takes them to museums, parks, fairs, and other events, and finds ways they can help others as a family.  Those children are collecting a wealth of experiences and memories that will be a treasure in years to come.
This is actually a sculpture made completely by intertwining twigs!
Unlike toys and possessions, experiences don't break or get lost.  They don't clutter up your child's room.  Instead, they expand and broaden your child's interaction with the world.  They provide learning opportunities without being forced or boring.  They help develop curiosity and maybe even an appreciation for nature and living things.
Ferry rides are fun just for the ride!
It's one thing to read a book about marine life.  It's another thing to explore a beach or tide pool and carefully touch a starfish and watch crabs scurry about.  One afternoon's excursion might spark an interest that will get a son or daughter to go home and look up (voluntarily!) the different things he or she observed and lead to further learning and more trips to the beach and so on.

Always loved...the park.
Too often we as parents concentrate more on things for our children rather than experiences.  I believe our children's lives will be richer if we reverse that thinking and instead, look for ways to make memories with them.   There is still plenty of time this summer to get out with your children and see what your neighborhood and community have to offer.  Make this summer a summer of unforgettable memories.  Happy Exploring!
A workout for Dad, an adventure for daughter!


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