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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Chasing Chase

As my husband and I were sitting in a buffet restaurant, I couldn't help but notice the little boy at the next table.  I soon learned that his name was Chase and he was three years old.  I'm not sure if the name "Chase" was prophetic or he just grew into his name, but he definitely kept his mom and dad chasing him throughout their meal...and for such a little guy, he sure could run fast!

At one point, the dad got up to refill his plate and left mom with Chase.  He was bouncing on the bench and trying to escape his mom's clutches.  Getting more and more exasperated, the mom shouted that if he didn't stop he wouldn't get any dessert.  (the usual threat at a restaurant)  These threats continued to escalate in volume and Chase paid no attention.  In fact, he turned to her, laughed and pointed his finger like a gun and pretended to shoot her!   The mom had enough.  She emphatically declared that there would be NO dessert at all tonight. 

I leaned towards my husband and whispered, "Just watch...he'll get dessert."  Sure enough, it wasn't five minutes later before dear little Chase was smugly licking a big drippy ice cream cone. 

Is it any wonder why some children misbehave?  Moms, you have to be consistent!  You have to be in control of yourself.  You are setting an example for your children.  You shouldn't make any threat that you aren't willing to carry out and that threat (or warning) should only be told once before the consequence is implemented.

By following through and being consistent, you are teaching your children (even young toddlers) that they can trust that what Mom says, Mom means.   The sooner they learn that, the sooner you'll find peace in your home.  You might even be able to take your children out in public occasionally  :) 


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