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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Lighten your load!

I grew up in Southern California where the temperatures stay mild throughout the winter blizzards, ice storms or temps dipping below freezing for several weeks at a time.  But, I have to say, I really love the winters of the Pacific Northwest.  Not being inclined to spend much time outdoors when it's rainy and cold gives me lots of time to take care of procrastinated indoor projects.

Yesterday, I spent the day sorting papers. It's time to clear out 2014 and make way for 2015.  Tax receipts are now in a folder, ready to process once the W-2's come in.  Receipts are either filed or shredded.  New file folders are set up.  Other files have been sorted and/or disposed of.  It feels so good to have a fresh start! 

Next on the agenda is another round of clutter control.  Like paperwork, clutter has a habit of piling up  :)  It's not a one time process.  Kids grow out of clothes or get them so stained and dirty that they're no good for hand-me-downs.  Get rid of them!  Make room for new and current clothes.  Same with toys.  And how about the items gathering dust in the kitchen and family room?  If no one is using them, find them a new home!

January is such a great time to tackle paperwork and clutter!  It's a new month and a new year.  Put those dreary days to good use and free yourself and your family from the burden of piles (either paper or "things").  Lighten your load and you'll lighten your spirits!

Happy January!


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