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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Make time for humor

There are so many challenges and difficulties in our everyday lives that we sometimes forget the healing power of humor and laughter.  Studies have repeatedly shown that humor can lower blood pressure, improve our mood and even our overall health.   A well placed comment can defuse a tense situation.   A funny movie can help you forget your troubles.  A family joke can bring unity to a family.

So, how are things around your house?  Can you find things to laugh about?  Babies and little kids are naturally funny.  Listen to them and watch them for a while.  It's hard NOT to smile when observing their interactions. Older children are silly and goofy.  And teenagers?  Don't tell them but a lot of what they do is hilarious!  :) 

I asked my kids about funny things that they remembered in our family.  They all started laughing and telling me stories.  Most would lose much in the translation though. As one said, "Things that were funny at the time don't sound so funny when repeated."  She's right.  So, I'm not going to embarrass any of my family with our stories.  Well, maybe just the time when the girls "decorated" the boy's room with all sorts of girly stuff.  The boys were not amused but the girls thought it was funny. :)

There is plenty to be serious about but don't forget to take time to laugh a little (especially at yourself!) and enjoy the good times with your family. 


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