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Friday, December 6, 2013

Safety Post...

Scarf not needed.  Zip up the coat and pull the hood up!
We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post for a special safety post...

While I was at the mall today, looking for Christmas gifts, I noticed that several stores sell fashion scarves for children.  Maybe I'm just paranoid but I think it's a really bad idea to let little kids wear something around their necks that could get pulled or caught on something.  They can choke or worse! 
Fashion is one thing but protecting our kids from possible harm is far more important!  It was only a few years ago that manufacturers had to modify drawstrings on coat hoods and sweatshirts to prevent just this kind of danger.  I can't imagine how anyone could think it's safe for kids to wear long, dangly scarves for fashion or protection from the cold.  Please don't let your kids wear them.

Thank you!  We will return to our regularly scheduled post tomorrow.  :)


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