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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Simplify Christmas - Part 1

Not exactly "Martha" worthy but the kids love it  :)
The Christmas season is now in full force.  Are you dreaming of January yet?  Are you overwhelmed?  Are you wondering HOW you can simplify things without disappointing anyone or feeling like a cheapskate?   My next few posts are going to cover easy ways to simplify your Christmas.

Today you need to consider  SILENCING YOUR INNER MARTHA!  You know which Martha I mean...the queen of creativity and DIY, Martha Stewart.  I love looking through her magazines and seeing all the wonderful and beautiful decorating ideas she has.  It makes my humble efforts look even more...humble.  If I just added more twinkly lights or garlands or bows or candles, my home might just rival her magazine spread and everyone will feel all warm and fuzzy, basking in the joyous Christmas glow.  Let's face's just not going to happen.  And besides, with little children running around and pets eyeing the dangly, sparkly ornaments, your stress level is going to go through the roof, trying to keep such a beautiful presentation from being destroyed!  Is that the atmosphere you are striving for?  If not, what IS your goal?  Do you want a home that radiates love and warmth and belonging?  Do you want a place where people (including children!) feel comfortable and at home?  Then THAT should be your focus.  Even if it means having a smaller Christmas tree on a table so the baby (and puppy) can't knock it down or placing baby-proof ornaments on the lower branches and just accepting the fact that the lower part of the tree is baby's domain.  You get the idea.  Your decorating efforts should reflect the stage of life that you and your family are currently living.

My suggestion is to focus on the things that have the most impact and meaning.  If that's the tree, great!  If Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the nativity set, definitely set it up! If you all love the twinkly lights and candles, wonderful! (Just keep them high enough so little hands and paws can't get to them.)  As the years go by and kids grow, you can increase your decorations to the point where you can do absolutely anything!  In the meantime, enjoy whatever you have.  Christmas isn't about things anyway. Right?


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