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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Simplifying Christmas - Part 6 - It's about YOU

Simplifying's all about things, right?  Wrong.  It's about attitude.  It's about choosing to accept the people in your life.  (Yes, all of them!)  It's about accepting the circumstances you are currently in.  It's about letting go of the past.  It's about finding joy regardless of...anything.

Nowhere is this more more important than in dealing with relatives.  You might feel like you are being forced to interact with people you don't like, who are mean to you, who are obnoxious, whatever.  You might be perfectly right.  But that doesn't change the fact that they are your family...either yours or your spouses.  If they are as bad as you think, you probably don't interact with them often throughout the rest of the year.  It's only that obligatory Christmas get-together that you dread. 

Why don't you try something different this year.  Knowing that this relative drives you crazy, knowing that you only have to deal with him/her once or twice a year, knowing that this particular activity can have the potential of ruining your entire Christmas season...try being the mature adult and choose to not let them get to you.  It IS possible.  It isn't easy.  But do you really want them having such power over you?  Don't give it to them.  Let it go.  Choose to enjoy yourself.  If you have to, find something (socially acceptable) to occupy your time while helping in the kitchen, playing with the kids, visiting with someone you enjoy, or even knitting!  Don't ignore them but don't focus on them either.  Don't look for reasons why you don't like them.  Maybe even try to find something positive about them. 

There is so much good in your life.  You don't have time to focus on the negative.  It's in your power how you choose to be.  I don't know of too many people who consciously choose to be unhappy.  It's more of an unconscious reaction.  So, consciously choose to make this season a happy one.  It might be your best Christmas ever.


  1. Warm wishes for a blessed and peaceful Christmas and a happy, healthy and harmonious 2014!
    Love from The Netherlands,