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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Shared beliefs

I was sitting in church this morning and as I looked around at the congregation, I realized that I probably wouldn't know any of these people if it wasn't for our shared religious beliefs.  Some of my favorite people in the whole world are those I attend church with.  My children's best friends were also members of our church and all of them married young men and women who shared the same beliefs. 

Belonging to a church (aside from the spiritual benefits) is an excellent way to connect with people who believe as you do.  The other mothers you meet are probably going through the same challenges you are going through and because your values and standards are similar, it's easy to relate to them and empathize with their difficulties.  I can't think of another institution or group that provides such an almost instant connection. 

Meeting and being friends with people of varied backgrounds, ages, cultures and values is important for us and our children to learn tolerance and an understanding of different lifestyles.   But being actively involved in church provides us with a built in support group of like-minded women and children who will help strengthen our resolve to be better women and mothers. 


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