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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This morning I turned on my computer and a little box appeared saying that HP recommended I install some upgrades to the system.  I clicked on the OK button and was told that the process would take "several minutes".  Well, after 40 minutes, my computer went into Sleep mode and shortly after, the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH appeared.  All sorts of horrible scenarios flashed through my mind.  Did I just install a virus or worm?  Did I just give all my financial information to a  brilliant hacker in some foreign country?  Is my identity stolen and I'm no longer me?  Is my computer DEAD?  What about all my pictures?!?

Fortunately, I have a super awesome son-in-law who lives only a few miles away.  I immediately called him and asked if I could bring my computer over because I thought I'd destroyed it.  (He is so patient with me)  Within a few minutes, he knew exactly what happened and what to do to fix it.  I am forever in his debt  :)

BUT, this story reminded me that I haven't copied my 6,000+ pictures to an external hard drive or copied them onto a CD or done ANYTHING to preserve them in a long time.  I would feel terrible if I lost those pictures forever...weddings, new babies, graduations, trips, and goofy girl shots.

Don't do what I almost did...back up those precious memories ASAP!

Notice I used lots of CAPS today?  It was a very dramatic experience  :)


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