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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Plan now!

Such joy!
Summer is only a few weeks away and with it comes ... Summer Vacation for the kids!  Your kids probably have dreams of playing all day, no chores, no homework, just hours and hours of pure childhood bliss.

This might be a good time to sit down with them (before they get out of school) and talk about what your expectations are concerning their time.  You can work with them to schedule the things they want to do with the things you want them to do.  If this includes daily chores (rooms need to be cleaned even in the summer!), music lessons, maybe some math review, and limited video games, letting them know now will avoid some nasty confrontations later.  Make sure that there is plenty of free time for their activities and friends also.  You might want to write it all down in a chart for everyone to see so no one can say they didn't know.  Kids can have a very short memory when they want.  :)

By letting your kids help plan, they will feel that they have a say in the decision making process and are more likely to cooperate.   And we like cooperative children!  :)


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