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Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer programs

The world is so much more interesting upside down  :)
With school getting out and the prospect of kids home all day, a mom's thoughts naturally turn to activities that will keep the kids occupied and maybe even teach them something.  Most communities are very accommodating with providing sports activities, art lessons, dance and music classes.  But, before you get all excited and sign your kids up for multiple classes, sit down with them and determine if they really want to commit to a particular program.  Sometimes, it's the mom (or dad) who think Junior should take soccer lessons (or whatever) and Junior really has no interest in it.  That is a recipe for unhappy kids, pushy parents and conflict.  After all, Mom and Dad invested money in lessons and equipment and supplies and don't want to waste it.  Time to take a moment and think..."Is this program important for my child or ME?"  If you're honest with yourself, you know the answer.

On the other hand, there are kids who beg to sign up for a program and then quickly lose interest in it.  In that case, it's a good idea to encourage your child to stick with it and complete it.  Sometimes a sport looks really easy...until he realizes that the sport requires practice, dedication and hard work.  Remind your child that skills are learned gradually and not to give up.

Childhood is a time of exploration and learning.  Encourage your children and help them discover their skills and interests...but don't be pushy  :)


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    1. What activities do YOU want to do this summer? It doesn't have to be just kids :)