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Monday, July 22, 2013


Ah yes, preteens.  That lovely period of time when your sweet little boy or girl turns into a gawky, awkward teenager.  Poor kid!  Do you remember when you were 11 and 12?  Most of us try to forget the insecurities we felt then but it all comes back when our own child reaches that age.

Some parents have asked me how to know when their child is starting the transition into the teenager.  I laugh and tell them that they will be able to know by the smell.  :)  Not to say that preteens neglect their hygiene but they no longer smell like sweet little children.  Their hormones start acting up and producing more...grownup smells.  In other words, your boy's (or your girl's) room smells curiously like a locker room.

Moms, be gentle on your kids at this time.  It's hard enough for them to deal with wildly fluctuating hormones and changes in their bodies without being teased or made to feel ashamed or embarrassed by things beyond their control.  All kids have to go through changes to reach adulthood.  None are immune.  Some days you'll think you have a mature young person in your family.  Other times you'll think you have another preschooler.  Other times you'll wonder just WHERE this kid came from!

Hopefully, you'll give them some warning of what's going to happen to their bodies and emotions BEFORE it's obviously happening.  Be matter-of-fact about changes and speak positively.  Encourage questions and provide information as they ask for it.  If they don't ask for it, provide it anyway.  Some kids are too embarrassed to ask. 

Even though this can be a challenging time for your child, it marks the beginning of a new stage of life.  And with anything new, there has to be a period of adjustment...for both your child and for you. 


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