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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The DPT shot

I have a new respect for babies and toddlers who are routinely immunized against certain diseases.  While I was at the doctor's office, it was suggested that I get a booster of the DPT shot as it's been a long time since I had a tetanus shot and last year there was a whooping cough outbreak.  I readily agreed.  No big problem.

So...since then, I developed sore muscles and joints, chills and fever and a really sore arm where the shot was administered.  It's no wonder our kids get fussy and cranky after they get their shots!  They can't vocalize their discomfort in any way except by crying and acting uncomfortable (which they ARE!).  I feel like crying myself  :)

Be extra kind and gentle with your little ones after they get their immunizations.  A fever reducer (dosage by age and weight, of course) might alleviate their discomfort.  I know I'm going to go take some Tylenol before I go to bed.

The things we do to protect our children and ourselves...


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