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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A match made in Heaven...or was it Utah? :)

What a wonderful day!
Well, it's over.  My youngest daughter got married last Saturday in a beautiful, simple ceremony on a gorgeous, sunny day.  Surrounded by family and loved ones, we laughed, cried a little, reminisced about growing up, and just enjoyed the moment. 

I love her new husband and his family is so loving and kind.  I know she'll be happy, getting to be part of his family, as well as her own. I do admit though, that I'll miss her!

My five daughters.  It's not often that they're all together at the same time!

Her marriage marks the milestone of all eight of my children now married and starting families of their own.  I know it's said over and over but the saying that "the time goes so quickly" is true, although you'll not realize it until it's actually happened. 


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