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Friday, August 23, 2013

Educational Options

Always learning
Children are different.  No surprise there.  They also have different learning styles and different developmental growth. That is why I am so thankful for the educational options that are available to families.  Finally, all children aren't expected to conform to one particular style, regardless of their unique circumstances.

When children have trouble fitting into traditional educational styles, there are other options to consider.  Each state is different in their laws concerning schools and age requirements but most are flexible and work with parents and children, as long as parents are willing to work within the law.

I have friends whose children are in the local public schools, in charter schools, magnet schools, online public and private schools, Montesorri schools and homeschool.  Each family made their decision based on the needs of their children and their family lifestyle.

Our children's education is one of their most important responsibilities growing up.  From the approximate age of 5 until 18 (and beyond), they spend most of their time in school.  Knowing that there are options will help families make the best educational fit for their children.

The next post I write will be about why my family decided to homeschool.  Until then...


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