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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lilly's sad day

Getting 7 hornet stings is so painful!  Poor Lilly!
Poor Lilly!  Yesterday she was runnning happily in the back yard when all of a sudden she started screaming.  She had inadvertently run over an underground hornets nest!  Her Grumpy (grandfather) heard her screams and quickly ran to her as her mommy came running too.  Mommy took her inside to take care of her but she continued to hear buzzing.  There were hornets under Lilly's clothes and they were continuing to sting her! In all, she received 7 stings!  Poor little girl!

Thinking about it, I'm so proud of her mommy!  Mommy is super afraid of stinging insects and spiders.  But when her little girl was in danger, those fears disappeared and she beat those nasty hornets until they were smashed dead.  There is an amazing instinct that takes over when a mommy's child is in danger.

Thankfully, today Lilly is feeling better!


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