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Monday, August 12, 2013


Some things are a high priority!
I learned a valuable lesson last week.  When you are overwhelmed, it's ok to let some things go until you're no longer stressed.  Whether it's having a baby, getting married, going through an illness, dealing with the death of a loved one, or anything else that's not your average run of the mill crisis, learning how to prioritize will save your sanity.

In my case, it was dealing with the marriage of my youngest daughter.  Because she lives in and married in another state, we had to travel to the wedding and then hurry back home to prepare for a reception here.  I thought I could handle all the various details as well as the other obligations I have on a daily basis.  Wrong!  The important things got taken care of but when I had a few minutes to tackle other projects, all I wanted to do was take a nap  :)  (By the way, naps are good.)

I feel bad that I didn't write a blog post in over a week but that was lower on my priority list at the time.  There were other things that didn't get the attention they needed (like picking zucchini and beans from the garden) but, oh well.

It would be nice to be a supermom but we can't wear our super cape all the time.  Sometimes we just have to pick the most important tasks of the day, do the best we can and let the less important things go.  Oh, and find time to take a nap.  :)


  1. Happy napping is sooooo important! All other things can wait, but a happy nappy should always be fit in.
    Cheers,you are a wise woman; thanks for this great post.