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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A house of learning

First, I'd like to apologize for being so sporadic with my posts in the last couple of weeks.  This house renovation thing has taken more of my attention than I thought it would.  It looks like we're winding down now on the work (thanks to my saintly son-in-law and his father) so I should be back to normal real soon...I hope  :)

She's reading Miss Spider on her daddy's iPad
I was talking with a friend about learning and education a few days ago and have a few observations to share.  It seems like a lot of moms are concerned about what their kids are learning and yet they're forgetting something very important.  Each one of our homes is a house of learning.  Our homes are the first place our babies and toddlers learn.  They're the places our children come home to after school each day.  Regardless of what they learn at school, you are providing a learning environment for them, whether you realize it or not.  What kind of things do you allow in your home?  What kinds of entertainment are you letting your kids watch and interact with?   You may not have control over what goes on in the world but in your home, you determine the kinds of activities, toys, movies, games and books your kids will be exposed to.  That means if you think that reading is important, you will provide lots of books in your home and will encourage your kids to read by both word and example.  If you think there is too much violence in the world today, you will probably be very careful not to let violent movies and video games into your home.  You decide.  It's your home.  There are so many options to choose from when it comes to toys and entertainment, that there is no reason to allow anything into your home that doesn't fit with your standards and values.

Remember that your home is a house of learning.  What your children learn in your home will depend on what you provide.  So choose with care.


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