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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tidy Tuesday - A room a month

I read about a great way to keep track of home projects that need to be done in a blog entitled Clover Lane (  Sarah keeps a small notebook that is divided into each room of her house.  She takes a critical look at each room and writes in her notebook the repairs that need to be made and the purchases she wants to make.  Measurements are jotted down as they are needed for each project.  Then when she goes to the store, she can see exactly what size (whatever) she needs and how much of (whatever) she should buy.  What a wonderful way to organize house projects.

I am taking her idea and working on one room per month.  In my notebook, I also taped a sample of fabric, carpeting and paint colors for each room so I can get the right color to match the room.  Some rooms are in pretty good shape right now and others have some work to do.  Some projects have been put off for too many years than I care to admit.

I figure that there is no project that will take longer than a month, even if I have to learn how to learn a new skill to complete it.  As Sarah said, there are numerous resources available to help learn how to do just about anything.   Yay for youtube and how-to blogs and super-awesome sons-in-law!


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