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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tidy Tuesday - Dirty clothes

My husband and I recently moved our bedroom from upstairs to downstairs.  One of the perks of the master bathroom upstairs was a really cool laundry chute where all we had to do was open it up, drop in dirty clothes and they'd end up in the laundry room downstairs.  So, with this new change, I put a new laundry hamper in the laundry room so hubby and I had a place for dirty clothes.  Sounds reasonable, right?  Well, dirty clothes were showing up in a corner of the bedroom and in the bathroom and I was finding myself gathering them up every day and putting them in the laundry room.  Finally, I got the idea that I should just forget about the hamper in the laundry room and put the hampers where the clothes get the bathroom and in the bedroom.  What do you know?  I no longer have to clean up after the person (who will remain nameless :) ) who kept dropping his dirty clothes where it was convenient.  No nagging, no complaining, no sighing.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if every annoyance were that easy to fix?  


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