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Friday, February 10, 2012


We lived in Philadelphia for a year and during that time we experienced our first hurricane.  The wind howled, the rain poured down, the power went out.  It was pretty intense.  Our kids were young at the time (ages 8 to newborn)  and were justifiably frightened.  I knew that I couldn't show any fear or it would have made things worse.  If I had gotten upset, the kids would have gotten more upset and the crisis would have been more difficult to deal with.  So we came up with the word "adventure" to describe the situation.  It actually worked!  They were calmer and so was I.  We got through that adventure and others since that time.   Hurricanes, thunder and lightning, earthquakes, power outages, moves, trips to the emergency room...all these and more were adventures.  The kids still  talk about the "adventures" they had and I smile.


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