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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Home Sweet Home

You may have noticed a few recent posts on the home environment.  That's because our homes provide the foundation for a peaceful, happy family.  If there is chaos all around, it's easy to become stressed and feel out of control.  Also, our homes reflect who we are and what we represent.  Do we care enough about our family to provide a neat and safe place to live?  Are we too busy to take care of the basic needs of our family?  Try a little experiment.  Before you go to bed, take ten minutes and pick up the clutter in the living room and clean the kitchen.  How do you feel the next morning?  Do you feel like you're already behind or do you feel caught up and ready to tackle the day?  Often it just takes a few minutes to tidy and straighten a room.  And those few minutes make a huge difference!  If we want our homes to be a refuge from the stresses of the world, we need to make a conscious effort to make that happen.


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