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Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Practical Place

Someone who I greatly respect told me several years ago that I should make my home a practical place. These were wise words, which I remembered often as I outfitted our home.  If you consider that the most important people who enter your home are your husband and children, it makes sense to make that place as well designed, as comfortable and as welcoming as possible.  I had a friend who redecorated her home and she chose white carpeting and white furniture for her new living space.  She had two rambunctious little girls, a dog, and a cat and it wasn't a week before that carpet was showing dirt and other stains.  She spent far more time worrying about that carpet and furniture and getting mad at her daughters than enjoying the results of her hard work and money.  Another friend liked to display fragile glass figurines and was constantly worried that her kids were going to knock something over.  Why not design your home for the stage in life where your family currently is at?  The white carpeting and fragile knick knacks can wait.  You can still have an attractive home that reflects what is most important in your life...namely, your family.


  1. I like that! You can always find a space to make your own if you really need it...even if it is just your half of your bedroom! :)

  2. Good point! Or in times of desperation, the bathroom works too!