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Friday, February 24, 2012

Safety Time!

Another post about home environment...this time about safety!  I don't think anyone would intentionally provide an unsafe environment for their children but it's amazing how resourceful, curious, and innocent kids can be.  Here are some examples - Four year old son removed the safety cover over the electrical outlet and  put screwdriver in. (He never did that again!)  Nine year old daughter fell out of bunkbed and broke nose.  (Sissy bar installed the next day!)  Six month old son got tangled in mini-blind cord while in crib. (moved crib immediately and never let mini-blind cords hang down again)  Granddaughter climbed out of second story window. (Family moved furniture and installed lock on window.)  These are just the first things that came into my mind too.  Most kids don't get through childhood without at least a few stitches or broken bones or other relatively minor injuries.  We can't protect our kids from everything but we should be responsible and look around our home and see if there's anything that we can do to avoid unnecessary accidents.  However, I don't think anything could have prevented my four year old daughter from her broken leg experience.  She had been watching the Olympics on TV and really wanted to do a triple-axel, like the figure skaters.  She tried it by wildly jumping off her bed, landing on a shoe on the floor, and breaking her leg.  No matter how hard we try, some things just happen...


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