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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Divide and Conquer

You'd think that the more kids you have, the easier it gets.  Well, that tends to be true with the exception of baby number three.  The first baby does change your life forever but one baby is pretty portable.  You can take her just about anywhere and fit her into most of your plans.  With two, you've gotten the hang of how to take care of a baby and your life doesn't change drastically.  Enter baby number three.  All of a sudden, you're outnumbered...two adults and three children!  If you have your children close together (as I did), you could be trying to juggle three kids under the age of four.  This takes some creativity and daring if you ever want to leave your house.  I had a double stroller but that was cumbersome.  What I really liked was a baby front carrier and then later a baby backpack.  With an extra hand free again, I could navigate stores and other public places without going crazy. What made me think of this?  Last week I watched three of my grandchildren in a church lobby while their parents were in a meeting.  The oldest is not yet four, the next is two and the baby is two months old.  The baby started crying and the older two immediately decided that "divide and conquer" was the way to have a good time.  They looked at each other and took off in opposite directions, squealing at the top of their lungs.  And the baby cried.  And I was trying to keep them quiet because we were at a church.  Memories came rushing back as I tried to gather two kids (who went limp when I took their hand) and calm the crying baby.  I felt immediate sympathy and admiration for my son and daughter-in-law.  But, things do get better.   It isn't long before the kids grow into their new roles and you find ways to cope....just in time for baby number four!


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