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Monday, December 31, 2012

A letter to Moms

Note - read the following in a whisper voice
Dear Moms,
Please stop yelling at your kids and husband.  As soon as you start raising your voice, the message you want to get across gets lost in the noise.  All you are doing is showing that you are not in control of yourself.  How would you feel if someone you respected overheard you while you were ranting and raving at the ones you love the most?  How would you feel if someone else were treating your kids or spouse that way?  I know you get frustrated and irritated and angry but you don't have to show it by yelling.  You are capable of adjusting the volume of your voice based on circumstances.  Try doing it with your family.  It takes self-control but isn't your family worth it?  The alternative is they will either tune you out, lose their respect for you, resent you or fear you.  None are good options.  Use your soft voice (unless it's an emergency)
Thank you.