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Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter Weather Reminder

As I'm writing this, the wind is blowing strongly and the rain is pounding down.  It might even snow tomorrow and there's a chance of a power outage.  I know, this is not a weather blog  :)  but it reminds me of important things.

Does your car have emergency survival supplies?  If your car were to become disabled, do you have what it takes to wait it out until help arrives?  It's amazing how quickly a car can get cold and how hungry you can get when you realize that you are stuck somewhere and have to wait.

So, before you need it...
Find a plastic container, backpack or duffel and put in it -
Quick energy snacks for every family member (like trail mix, granola bars, pop tarts)
Individual bottles of water
Heavy weight gloves
Winter scarves or hats for everyone
Extra socks
Diapers, wipes and formula for baby 
Put the backpack or container in the back of your car.

Now don't you feel better?

Oh, and I'm assuming that you have a cell phone and basic car equipment (like car jack, spare tire, wrenches, jumper cables and that kind of stuff)


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