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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Low cost Christmas activities

Some would have you believe that to have the perfect Christmas, you have to spend tons of money on elaborate gifts, decorations and activities.  It doesn't have to be that way.  Christmas doesn't have to be a budget breaker.  It's possible to enjoy many varied activities during the holiday season without spending a lot of money.  In fact, there are probably more inexpensive options to choose from than any other time of year.  Here are a few ideas...
Chuck set up this Nativity scene.  :)  Can you find the pterodactyl and Noah?

1. Set up a Christmas themed jigsaw puzzle to work on during the month.
2. Invite friends over for hot chocolate and cookies.
3. Go caroling.
4. Drive around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights and decorations.
5. See if your community is having a Messiah Sing-Along.  Great fun!
6. Rent Christmas movies and watch a different one every evening.
7. Make Christmas cards for far away family
8. Get a friend to trade taking family pictures.
9.  Depending on location, drive up the mountain for a snow day.
10. Act out the Nativity.
11. Read aloud a Christmas book during the month.  My kids loved "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"  Others I remember are O'Henry's "The gift of the Magi", "The Bird's Christmas Carol"(an older tear-jerker) , Dickens "A Christmas Carol", Grisham's "Skipping Christmas"
12. Make gingerbread houses.
13. Have a family campout in the living room with only the twinkly Christmas tree lights on.
14. Put jingle bells on sneakers.
15. Get everyone silly Christmas socks.
16. Listen to Christmas music as much as possible.  Pull up Pandora or Grooveshark on your computer, play CD's or tune into an all Christmas music radio station.
17. Take cookies to neighbors
18. Help a family in need.
19. Make homemade decorations with the kids.  Construction paper chains, popcorn garlands, paper snowflakes, wreaths from evergreens and pine cones, etc.  Use your imagination or use Pinterest.  :)
20. Trade babysitting with another mom so you can both do holiday shopping without little distractions.
21. Always read the story of the birth of Christ found in Luke 2 on Christmas Eve.

How's that for a start?  There are so many more ideas but I am running out of time today.  You're welcome to add to the list!  What are your favorite low cost things to do at Christmastime?


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