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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Communication, Sudoku style

I had one of those "aha" moments today.  My husband and I both like to play Sudoku, the number game where there's a grid of 9 squares, each square divided into 9 smaller squares, with a few numbers scattered among the boxes.  You have to find the missing numbers so that in each box are the numbers from 1-9 and in the larger grid are the numbers from 1-9 across and down, with no duplicate numbers.  I hope you already basically know about the game because my definition isn't the greatest.  :)

Are our brains different?  You bet!
Anyway, he mentioned a game he'd just finished that was difficult and he told me how he solves his puzzles.  He has a very detailed and complicated formula he uses.  I got lost after the first minute of his explanation.  When he finished explaining, I told him how I solve puzzles.  It's completely opposite to his method.  I work on the big picture first and then work on the more detailed methods if I get stuck, which isn't often.

Why this is an "aha" moment is because it is representative of how different our brains work.  He is very detail oriented and analytical and I'm more of a visual, big picture kind of person.  Knowing this helps me see how conflicts arise in our interactions.  Neither of us are necessarily wrong, we just think differently.

I think most difficulties in marriage can be traced to the different ways our brains work.  You might say husbands and wives complement each other (and sometimes we do) but sometimes we just don't see things the same way! 


  1. Perfect example.....working to see each other's view is a big challenge. Good job.