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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tidy Tuesday - Refrigerator magic

Plastic wrap makes cleaning refrigerator shelves easy!
One of the jobs I really disliked doing was cleaning the refrigerator..until I learned a quick little fix. Line the shelves with clear plastic wrap and when someone spills something (and with kids that is a when, not an if!) or when it's time to clean the whole refrigerator, just pull off the plastic wrap, do whatever spot cleaning needs to be done and replace with fresh wrap.  No more scrubbing hardened on spills and gunk.

Some people like to line their shelves with placemats or Rubbermaid shelf liners but I prefer plastic wrap because it's disposable.  With the others, you still have to clean them and to me that defeats the purpose.

So, the next time you tackle the dreaded job of cleaning the refrigerator, try putting down some plastic wrap before you replace the shelves and see if that makes the job any easier.


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