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Monday, June 10, 2013

Kids + dirt + water =

I think someone should invent disposable clothes for kids...maybe like a jumpsuit or a hazmat suit. :)   Just think of it, your kids could go out and play and you could strip off the disposable suit when they were ready to come back into the house and they'd still be clean!

Chuck and Lilly were outside "helping" in the garden this afternoon.  They dug in the dirt and got pretty dirty.  Then they turned on the faucet and started playing around with the hose, adding water to the dirt on their dusty, dirty little bodies.  Then they went back to digging, adding another layer of dirt on top of the now muddy layer.  Finally they topped it off with a wrestling match in the grass.

Just as I was thinking that at least one of them didn't have to go to the bathroom, Lilly announced "I have to pee!"  Oh, how I wanted that hazmat suit!

Will someone PLEASE invent it?!  You'd make millions!


  1. The math nerd side of me must be surfacing, because I really like this blog post's title.

    1. Now for the hard part...what's the answer? :)

  2. The answer to your equation is......happy kids. Forget the disposable suit, just use the hose.

    1. Perfect! And that's just what we did...used the hose :)