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Monday, June 24, 2013

Powerful words

Words are powerful things and because they are so powerful, they should be used with care.  They can motivate us to do great things, they can give comfort and peace, they can convey love, they can bring unity.  But, words can also hurt feelings, alienate family members, cause discouragement and depression, and can even start wars.

Have you ever been in a discussion with someone and in the heat of the moment, they said something they probably shouldn't have?  The rest of the discussion might have had valid points but the only thing you remember is those few unfortunate words.  I've seen it time and again, especially in dealing with children.  Communication breaks down when certain words are said.  Words like, "You are so stupid" or "You're so lazy" or  "#&#%@^".  Those words won't be forgotten.

When we treat each other with respect and keep emotionally-charged statements and words out of our conversations, the lines of communication remain open and conflicts can be resolved.  And isn't that what we want?  To speak and to be heard?  To be heard and be understood?


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