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Saturday, June 1, 2013

The glow stick controversy :)

Marie (7) and I were at the Dollar Tree store and I told her that she could pick out something she'd like.  Marie was all happy and excited and started looking up and down the toy aisle, having difficulty making a decision.  I suggested a coloring book.  No.  A puzzle?  No.  A craft set?  No.  PlayDoh?  No.  Finally, she pointed to the glow sticks and said she wanted those.  She loved glow sticks!  Great!  Let's get those.  She decided on glow bracelets but when we headed to check-out stand, her eye caught on bubbles.  Now she wanted those.  I told her that she had bubbles at home and she'd decided on the glow bracelets.  The storm clouds immediately formed around her head.  She didn't want glow bracelets!  She wanted bubbles!  I quietly told her that we weren't buying bubbles and we were buying the bracelets.  Oh, she was mad.  She informed me that she didn't like them and she wouldn't touch them.  I cheerfully told her that that was ok.  And then she went into a pout.  I paid for the glow bracelets and we left the store.

After about five minutes, her tone softened and she wanted to hold the bag.  Then she started peeking inside the bag and when we got home, she couldn't wait to tear open the package and snap her bracelets to make them glow.  I had no problem getting her to bed that night...she wanted the lights off so she could enjoy the bracelets in all their glowing beauty.

Long story, short conclusion.  It's ok for our kids to be unhappy with us sometimes.  When they pout and stomp their little feet, we don't have to jump through hoops to please them.  But we do need to treat their behavior lightly and not make it an issue. 


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