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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Adventures of a little runaway :)

The runaway  :)
 A good friend posted on Facebook about her four year old son yesterday and the story was soooo cute that I asked her if I could use it in my blog.  She laughed and gave me permission so here's the adventure of Casey...

First post - (Casey) "wants to run away and live with his friend today... He packed his bag and put on his coat and shoes all by himself. I don't even know what he's upset about!"

Next post - "He got to the end of the drive and asked me which way to his friends's house. I pointed the direction and a car came by. I reminded him that he needed a grown up to go on the road with him. He kept asking me to drive him there, but I kept telling him that I loved him too much to help him to leave our family right now. We called Daddy. They will talk about it when he gets home tonight. I figured out that he is mad that I won't let him make a fort with the living room cushions."

Two hours later... "He's been waiting for Daddy to come home ALL.DAY.LONG so that Daddy can take him. However, he just came to me a few minutes ago (he's been playing with Legos in his room the whole time) and said to me, "Mom, I'm going to STAY! Because you love me too much." YAY! He's staying!"

Now, THERE is a smart mom!  I love how calm and rational she is and this is such a perfect example of how to respond to a young child.  No yelling at him to get in the house.  No pleading with him.  No caving to his demands.  No analyzing the "why" he wanted to leave.  Just straightforward and factual.  Perfect! 

PS  Thank you my friend for the use of your story and pictures!


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