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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tidy Tuesday - Books and DVD's...again

Bye bye books!
Let's face it.  De-cluttering the house is a never-ending job.  We are constantly bringing things into our homes but rarely letting things go and getting them OUT of the house.  It's no wonder we run out of space!  But space isn't the problem...too much stuff FOR the available space is.

My husband's and my weakness is books.  We both love to browse bookstores for fun.  We love looking at thrift stores and garage sales for hidden treasures. The result is obvious...too many books!

So, today I did one of my semi-regular brutal book trimming sessions.  It was raining outside, my husband had my car, so I was stuck in the house and the urge to purge (books, that is!) came over me. I tried to be honest with myself as I looked at each title and was able to pull out about 60 books and a stack of magazines to part with.  I know there's more but I think I did a pretty good job.

Eclectic collection, isn't it!
I did the same thing with our DVD collection with one exception.  I know my husband likes some movies that I don't and I don't want to risk throwing out something that he'll miss.  So, I went through the movies and when I came across one I could definitely live without, I put it on its side so he could look at them and decide if he wants to get rid of them too.  Whichever way he decides is fine with me.  If it means that I can get rid of even 5 or 10 titles, it's worth it. 


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