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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tidy Tuesday - Tackle the Kitchen!

"I don't have enough space!"  Does that sound familiar?  It doesn't take long for a home's available space to be filled to capacity and start to overflow.  There are two possible solutions.  One is a lot of hard work and usually involves spending a large amount of money - move to a larger place (until THAT place gets too small and so on...).  The other also involves hard work but doesn't require moving or spending much money - trimming down the number of possessions to fit the space you have.  It sounds so easy but acquiring things just seems to happen...much easier than deciding which things to keep and which things to get rid of.

A kitchen doesn't have to be large or fancy
One of the biggest "stuff magnets" is the kitchen.  Who wouldn't want tools to make food preparation easier?  But, do we really NEED to fill our kitchen drawers and cabinets with gadgets that we might use a few times a year?  Do you have any of the following - corn shucker (use a knife), burger press (two plates pressed together works too), pancake dispenser (try a measuring cup), meatball tongs (roll with your clean hands), onion goggles (REALLY?!),  microwave bacon cooker (two layers of paper towels, bacon, another paper towel on top), bagel cutter (a knife), strawberry huller (again, a simple knife) etc.  And don't forget the small appliances like cake pop makers, rice cookers, soda makers, rotisseries, pizza makers and so on.  These things take up valuable space.

Empty your kitchen of these space wasters and make room for the tools you regularly use.  You might even have room to put your food in the cupboards if you clear out enough space.  Wouldn't that feel good?

We have very little control over the space we have to work with but we can be creative in how we use that space and what we use it for. Even a small kitchen can hold the necessities of food preparation and service. 

PS...all those little gadgets and appliances are a pain to clean anyway  :)


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