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Monday, February 3, 2014

Undisciplined parents/ undisciplined children

Yesterday I overheard a mother remark, "My son doesn't like to be disciplined" while explaining why her son was so badly behaved.  How could a mother be so misguided?  Part of our responsibility as mothers is to teach and train our children how to get along with others, how to follow instructions and how to learn how to control him or herself. 

Of course children don't like to be disciplined!  They'd rather do whatever they want, regardless of how it impacts themselves or others.  Unfortunately, such a child finds it hard to keep friends.  He finds himself frustrated when someone else imposes restrictions on him.  Adults would rather he not play with their children or come to their homes.  Instead of having the ultimate freedom (no rules or consequences) he finds that he is often alone and unhappy.

A rare moment of getting along  :)
Exhibiting discipline of self is one way we know that our children are ready to face the world as contributing, well-adjusted members of society.  They know right from wrong.  They live by the rules of society.  They are well-liked and welcomed wherever they go.  They will be good marriage partners and good parents themselves.

It's far easier to be disciplined early by loving parents than have to learn the hard way that most  people don't enjoy being around undisciplined, out-of-control little monsters.  Your children will be much happier if you do.


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