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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Babies cry

Poor little guy!
It's a fact of life that babies cry.  Sometimes the reason why is obvious (hungry, diaper change, discomfort) while other times, you have no idea what the problem is.  You do everything possible, try rocking the baby, pacing the floor, anything you can think of and still baby cries.  At this point, you are very frustrated. BUT...before you get too frustrated, or worse yet, desperate, may I suggest that you just put baby in his crib, pat his little back, cover him with a blanket, put on some soft music, turn off the lights and gently close the door to his room.  Continue to check on him every 15 minutes or so or sooner if you hear something different in his cry.   Baby will be ok if you let him cry for a while.  It's not your fault if you've met all of his needs and he still cries.  Some babies just cry more than others.  You're not a bad parent and this stage won't last.


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