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Thursday, March 15, 2012


Traditions are an important and unique part of every family.  Both the husband and wife bring to their marriage traditions from the homes of their youth and then begin creating traditions for their new little family.  Some beloved traditions from childhood make their way into the new family while others are planned and still others just seem to happen.  Most of the traditions my children remember fall into the third category...those that aren't thought out in advance but with the passage of time, become traditions.  Some of those are having pumpkin pie for breakfast every Thanksgiving, making their dad a special book of letters and pictures for his birthday every year, having pizza for Sunday dinners, and watching the movie Groundhog Day every February 2nd.  We have birthday traditions that include the telling of the birthday story, the birthday child getting to pick what he or she wants for dinner and picking the birthday movie.  Enjoy those traditions that are special to your family.  Some people might think they're weird, but traditions are part of what makes your family unique!


  1. How about the tradition a certain daughter and son of yours have of trying to get dismissed from the Thanksgiving table by discussing turkey anatomy? That's a fun tradition!

  2. How could I have forgotten that! There probably aren't too many families that have such a thorough knowledge of turkey anatomy!