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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bloom where you're planted

When I was growing up, I thought I'd always live in Southern California.  I loved living close to the beach.  I loved to swim, surf, fish with my dad and hang out with my friends.  Then I grew up and moved away...

I've since lived in Utah, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Washington and still get a rush of happiness when I smell the ocean.  But!  I also learned to appreciate every place I've lived.  It wasn't easy.   The trick is to search out the things that make your new home special and explore what the area has to offer.  Every place has a history and unique things to see and do.  Find out what they are.  Get to know your neighbors.  Get active in church.  Find opportunities to volunteer.  Get involved in your children's schools. Take your kids with you and discover new parks and playgrounds.  Don't sit at home and bemoan the fact that you are in an unfamiliar place with no friends.    You and your children will meet friends faster and be happier if you get involved and learn to enjoy the unique beauty around you.

My favorite place to be!
Last year, I went back to the place I grew up and took two of my daughters to my favorite beach.  We had a wonderful time playing in the surf, climbing rocks and walking along the water's edge.  To me it was heaven.  I still love my hometown but I'm ok just visiting it now.  I know my family has been richer in experience by getting to know other parts of our world.  That visit reinforced my belief that it doesn't matter where you live, as long as you have your family, you can make any place your home. 


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