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Saturday, March 31, 2012


My husband taught me an important principle years ago.  My sewing machine (that I'd had since high school) had broken down and I was looking for a new one.  Being the frugal person I am, I was looking for something cheap.  He told me that because I use my sewing machine to make clothes and other things for the family, I should get the highest quality sewing machine we can find.  He reminded me that my "tools of the trade" are as important as his in his job and I should consider them investments, not expenses.  We compromised...I got a high quality Bernina.  Although it wasn't the top of the line, it wasn't the bottom either.  I'm still using that machine.

Because we're professional moms, we need to surround ourselves with things that work well and make our jobs easier.  It's so frustrating to have to deal with something that is constantly breaking down or needing repairs or needing to be replaced.  Whatever you use regularly, buy the best you can afford.  It will reward you with many hours of loyal service and peace of mind.  With all the options available today, you might be able to find what you need through someplace like Ebay or Craig's List.  It doesn't necessarily have to be new, but it should be in top condition.  I bought my serger (another Bernina) used and again, have had many stress-free hours using it.

Remember, you're a professional and you're worth it!


  1. Love Bernina. I agree totally about buying the best tools our budget will allow. In the long run, we may spend more money repairing or replacing inferior equipment. But additionally, one cannot put a price tag on stress. Thanks for this bit of essential advice :)

  2. You're right...inferior equipment often costs more in the long run!