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Friday, March 30, 2012

Every child is different!

One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how every child in a family is different!  You'd think after the first one, things would get easier and there would be fewer surprises.  Well, in many ways it DOES get easier because now you've had at least a year's experience of being a mother (hopefully more!) and you have adjusted to having a little one around.  And then the second baby is born and from the moment you meet her, you can see that she is a completely different little person who has a mind and spirit of her own.  The techniques that worked fine with your first one have little effect on the second...or third...
Because of those unique differences, you get the opportunity to grow and develop new skills along with each child who comes into your life.  With the one who is demanding and strong willed, you will increase your patience.  With the sensitive one, you will become more gentle.  With the active one, you'll become more active too (whether you want to be or not!).  Every child has a lesson to teach you.  Be open to learning those valuable lessons and enjoy the adventure that is motherhood!


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