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Sunday, March 3, 2013

A book series your kids will like...

Since I spent the weekend helping my nephew run his booth at the Emerald City Comi-Con, I feel it only right that I should shamelessly promote his work  :)  This is a good forum for that because his work is appropriate for children of all ages (as well as adults). 
Travis with his son, Ian (who was the inspiration for The Bean)

Travis Hanson is the father of 5 children who started writing with his own children in mind.  He has always been incredibly creative and imaginative and had been producing beautiful pieces of art before turning to writing and illustrating.  His graphic (graphic as in picture form) novel series, The Bean, is an epic fantasy ... Plot "In a little Inn, deep in the heart of Darkleaf forest, works a young dishwasher named Bean. While on an errand for shrooms Bean is kidnapped by a chaotic Troll and ends up finding a very special sword that needs to be healed. So his adventure begins one that will be filled with danger, adventure and realization that he is the one that controls his destiny and no one else."  (review of The Bean Vol. 1: Riddles and Shrooms)

Lots of his young fans wanted to meet him this weekend
Travis's work is unique in that it doesn't contain swearing, inappropriate relationships or questionable values.  Instead, it stresses faith and courage, friendship and perseverance without sounding preachy.  If your kids enjoy fantasy, they will probably become addicted (in a good way :) ) to The Bean.

You can find his work at  or check out his one of his videos at


  1. I'm definitely a fan of The Bean!

  2. I am a fan of Travis. Your nephew has a lot of heart!

    1. He is one of the nicest people I well as extremely talented!