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Monday, March 11, 2013

"Look it up."

Mom, "You're persnickety today."
Child, "What does persnickety mean?"
Mom, "Look it up."

The phrase "Look it up" was a common phrase in our family.  We even kept a dictionary in our dining room to help answer questions at the dinner table.   The kids were constantly asking questions.

Children are naturally inquisitive and curious.  How you respond to their questions will determine whether your children learn for themselves or stay dependent on you.  I don't think you want them to be dependent on you so teach them how to find the answers on their own.  Keep a dictionary and encyclopedia accessible (print or online) and refer to it often.  Show them how to look up words and facts.  Use big words in conversations to spark interest.

Teaching your children how to find answers to their questions is a valuable skill that will help them discover the world around them and help them become independent learners.  The next time one of your children asks you a question, tell them to "look it up."


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