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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lilly gets into trouble

Not a happy Lilly!
Tonight Lilly (3) got into trouble.  The family was gathered in the kitchen, making root beer floats and something Lilly's mother said made Lilly mad.  She shouted, "I hate you Mommy!".  Silence all around.  Then Lilly's dad (my son) picked her up firmly but gently and said that she couldn't talk to Mommy that way and she would not be able to have a root beer float and would have to go to bed.  Lilly was furious!  She yelled, cried, kicked and carried on all the way down the hall to her bedroom.  But Daddy was firm.  As he closed her door, everyone could still hear her shrieking.  This lasted for about 10 minutes then died down then stopped.  Lilly's mommy went into her room later and Lilly apologized.

I was really proud of my son tonight.  He didn't show anger and he held his ground.  Lilly did not get her treat.  It would have been so easy to give in after she stopped crying and give her her root beer float but he wanted Lilly to know that he meant what he said.  And Lilly needed to know that some things are just not acceptable anywhere, anytime.

Good job Daddy!


  1. Love the look on that little face.....I say good job, Dad, as well.